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Baby Photography

Birth Photography

Bringing new life into the world is one of life’s most joyous, precious and loving milestones that any Mommy and Daddy could wish to experience.

At a C-Section birth photo shoot a new mother once said to me, “Helen, thank you so much, I was so scared, but my husband was able to stay holding my hand the entire time without having to try and take pics with his cell phone because we knew that you were taking it for us”
It is an absolute myth that there is too much blood and guts…..nonsense.
It’s the most beautiful experience captured in images forever.

Remember: Your partner is there to support you, your Gynecologist is there for your health and your Pediatrician is looking after baby in those critical moments after birth. None of the above should be jumping around with cell phones trying to take photos.

Newborn Photography

Doing newborn photo shoots are what fills “My happy pot” All too often while I am doing a newborn Photo shoot, Mommy is standing quietly behind me in tears admiring her most precious procession of which I am capturing life long memories.

The window of opportunity for your new born photo shoot is ideally before baby is 10 days old. After this window of opportunity, it becomes increasingly challenging for baby as well as photographer to recreate fetal type positions whilst your baby is a lot more awake.

Awake new born babies’ eyes are naturally squint as they are unable to focus which is why soundly asleep is better. I do not believe that you can allocate a time limit on your new born shoot. I work according to Baby’s pace and bring everything that we need for the shoot to be done in the comfort of your home. My new born shoots are on average 6 hours.