Kids and Family Photo Shoots

Kids and Family Photo Shoots

Family Photo Shoots

To me, family photo shoots are the epitome of love and portrays a love and a special bond that can only be described with one word…FAMILY….
Family is the foundation upon which everything in your life is built on.
I have met the most wonderful and interesting families in my work, and yes each family is different which is why love meeting you.
Many family’s have a regular family photo shoot once a year. Why you may ask? When last did you look at your children and wonder “Where has the time gone? He is already starting pre-school”
When last did you look at your own parents and think “I am so blessed to have you in my life?”

Kids Photography

My greatest love is working with children. Their innocence, spontaneity and young personalities that I am able to capture during a Kids photography session lasts a life time. I love capturing children in their natural unposed environment. I do not believe that kids of any age belong in a studio environment which is often intimidating and beyond their comfort zone.
I like to photograph these little people “Without them really noticing that I am there” – And That’s how we get the winning shots