Wedding season 2018 is upon us and what better way to start the season with the beautiful wedding of Tshepo and Lindiwe at Le Souvenir Wedding venue in Klerksdorp. The love between Tshepo and Lindiwe was tangible and beautiful to see. We started the day with a photographer at the venues of the bride and the groom. Capturing them dressing and preparing themselves for a life changing day. Both homes were abound with energy and excitement before the ceremony with family and loved ones assisting in the preparations. The grooms men and brides maids were such great fun and were am amazing support to both Tshepo and Lindiwe. But lets not forget the parents and the important role that they played on the day.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, filled with both laughs and the odd tears shed.

We witnessed what was possibly the happiest couple and proudest man walking out of the church with his new bride on his arm.

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