Where do we even start. To answer your question it’s more about what makes a Photographer unique. There are many Photography companies out there but what will make a person stand out from the others? A great Photographer is always willing to learn and improve all the small details they can. There is many Photography skills to learn but acquiring technical skills is just the beginning of Photography. The images a Photographer produces is meant to tell a story of memories but yet, the Photographer needs an artistic vision and storytelling skills to master their work.

So let’s talk from my point of view. We started 10 years ago managing Light Affair Photography and building the brand everyday, but what was the most important rule that I learnt? Well after all your clients are the ones that remember you, not your equipment. Therefore to answer your question clearly. A good Photographer will always push there clients first, understanding the clients needs and willing to change styles as you grow.Let’s have a look at 5 tips regarding your question.

1) Creativity and artistic

Every Photographer will agree that creativity and artistic plays a very big role in the Photography industry. This could be from indoor Photoshoots to outdoor Photoshoots where the sun is manipulated and angles created with art. The main vision of Photography is art, where we turn something simple into something so memorable. 

2) Detail

Applying detail will always be your number one suggestion. Let’s think of it like baking a cake. With no flour there is no cake. Now same goes with Photography, without any detail the Photoshoot will be a bland edit making is the most boring thing you have ever done in your life. Here at light Affair Photography we spend 90% of efforts on detail and nothing else.

3) Lighting

When you plan on using lighting in your studio or even outdoor, ensure that when it is used you will be able to manipulate not only the pixels, but that light you used in order to create something magical. Many Photographers spend hours to master lighting in Photography. Now here is the question, Why is lighting so hard? Well to be honest with you, lighting is the main gate to Photography. Without any lighting, images will look too dark and will be really difficult to edit once your Photoshoot is over. Therefore we recommend that when lighting is applied ensure it’s not to dim nor to bright.

4) Patience

After 10 years of experience I have came to a conclution that patients is critical. Nothing is worse than a Photographer telling you are you happy. Your Photographer must know you happy without even asking. We have all been there where we feel as if we not welcome. At Light Affair Photography we brief our clients moments before the shoot and gain an idea of what they want and what they like. This ensures not only client satisfaction but also taking pride in what you do. This is all patience, understanding what needs to be done at any given point. Yes you might not be able to get the shot you wanted, but there will always be a next time to this.

5) Passion

To wrap your question up, Passion is where it all starts. From self taught lessons to self taught techniques. What truly makes a great Photographer will all depend on the passion one is for the industry.

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